Workshops, photo outings, and tours


I have put together several workshops and outings that help photographers of various skill levels learn more about their cameras, their surroundings, and themselves. My first workshop called, "The (not so basic) Basic Course" is a 3 hour hands-on workshop that helps get people to stop shooting in Auto mode and teaches them how to shoot in Manual mode and other Priority modes. The "Next Level" course is a more advanced workshop that continues the explanation of features of the camera. I also provide Black & White, Photography in Motion, and other workshops.

Some of my local outings have taken groups to old abandoned houses, beautiful barns, rodeo arenas to capture horses in motion, city streets, and even to the river to photograph eagles. I have received so much feedback from these mini-safaris that I have taken it one step further.

In October of  2019 I will be taking a group of up to 10 people to Maine during the peak foliage season. We will see lighthouses, beaches, discover Bar Harbor, and hopefully allow us to photograph moose in the wild. Future trips will include Florida swamps, beaches, and bays and the allure of the Old West in an amazing Wyoming trip.

To learn more about these amazing opportunities, please check out the EVENTS tab on my Facebook page or contact me directly for details